Announcing Veritas: A Quantum Leap in Tax ResearchTaxation & Finance

Positive is launching its first online service: a tax research platform that accelerates your tax research by a factor of 10.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our first online service: a tax research platform that hosts the entirety of Cyprus tax documentation and makes it easily accessible and searchable.

Until Veritas, tax research in Cyprus has been essentially a manual effort, requiring practitioners to go through numerous paper documents and PDFs from an array of sources to locate the relevant data to examine.

With Veritas, practitioners can now search across the entire spectrum of Cyprus tax documentation from a single easy to use interface in less than a second, surfacing the most relevant content for their tax question at both the document and sentence levels in a unified fashion.

In combination with built-in filtering capabilities allowing you to limit your search to certain documents types or documents authoritative at a certain interval in time, Veritas allows unparalleled flexibility in broadening or narrowing the scope of your research to best suit your circumstances.

With its comprehensive and up-to-date coverage, granular search, extensive filtering tools, full document history going back decades, tablet and mobile support and the most advanced search engine in the industry, Veritas isn’t just an incremental step, but a paradigm shift that will accelerate your tax research by a factor of 10 and cover your annual investment from savings of 13 hours of tax work on average, all for less than you’re probably already paying for the paper equivalent.

We believe it’s the most valuable companion of anyone dealing with taxation on a professional basis. If this describes you, we invite you to take a look at our keynote presentation or visit Veritas at

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