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We are reachable by phone, fax, email and through the web. For any inquiries or requests we will make every attempt to respond within 48 hours.

Positive is committed to delivering high-quality audit, assurance, risk and compliance services to its clients and providing insights that will help them improve their future performance and the effectiveness of their risk management and compliance processes.

Whilst we have attempted to set out a comprehensive description of how we can help, much in audit, assurance and risk work is tailored to meet specific needs. Our staff are happy to have the opportunity to hear from you, discuss your needs and determine how our teams can support you effectively.


Financial Statements Audit

Financial Statements Audit is all about strengthening accountability by providing assurance on reported results by businesses. This is a fundamental principle that ultimately helps investor confidence. Our services are provided in line with the requirements of local regulation and in compliance with International Standards on Auditing and International Financial Reporting Standards.

How we differ:
  • Our audit approach ensures that financial statements comply with applicable standards.
  • During our audit we identify internal management issues that we will report to you and give you the opportunity to address them and improve efficiency.
  • The deep knowledge of the business that we obtain as independent external auditors helps provide business insights for improvement.

Corporate & IFRS Reporting

Compliance with reporting requirements is carried out as a result of business responsibility. However the effectiveness of reporting and the impact on stakeholders and investors, is an important part of strategy for a business. We can assist you in the design of effective reporting, valuable to both investors and internal users.

How we can help:
  • Corporate Governance Reporting: We can assist you define the scope of responsibilities of an Interim Manager and identify an appropriate Interim Manager from outside. We can also assist you in the contract negotiation.
  • Management Reporting: Management reporting and reporting to your board of directors are important decision making tools because they guide corporate and divisional management in the performance of the business. We can assist you analyse their needs and design effective management reports that are relevant to their requirements and are based on best practices.
  • Key Performance Indicators: We can assist you in the design and implementation of Key Performance Indicators that enable you to monitor effectively the performance of your business.

Governance, Risk Management & Internal Audit

Good governance means proper accountability. Whilst financial statements audit gives assurance on the financial statements, corporate governance embraces the entire system of management of the organization. It defines the responsibilities of management and the limits of its authority and provides comfort to investors and other stakeholders. Good governance essentially means that the organization has in place an effective system of managing its risks that allows it to be proactive, whilst at the same time to have in place processes that enable it to react swiftly to sudden changes in business conditions or the economic climate.

How we can help:
  • Risk Management: We can assist you define, set up and evaluate Risk Management Systems and procedures, review exposure to risk, identify and assess risks.
  • Corporate Governance & Organization: We can help you set up or review your Corporate Governance practices, Audit Committees, terms of reference and responsibilities.
  • Internal Audit: We can help you in the set-up of your Internal Audit Department, outsourcing / co-sourcing of the internal audit function, development of internal audit methodology and recommendation of internal audit best practices. Learn about our Internal Audit BPO services.
  • Internal Control Systems Review: We can assist you in the setup or review of internal accounting control systems and other key control mechanisms and procedures.
  • Forensics and Special Investigations: These investigations usually involve white collar crimes and sensitivity and in depth knowledge are required. Our professionals have the experience to deliver results speedily and discreetly.

Regulatory Compliance

Businesses have to comply with a plethora of laws and regulations. We can assist you in certain specialised areas as shown below.

How we can help:
  • Development of Quality Management Systems
  • Development and Assessment of Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Performance of Environmental Reviews and Development of Environmental Management Systems

Why Positive

  • We support you on the ground, for implementation, when you need us the most, with a practical, pragmatic approach.
  • Our extensive capabilities help turn strategic vision into operational reality by combining a mix of strategic, financial, marketing and technical professionals.
  • Our deep industry experience assists you in bringing sector knowledge and informed opinions about the markets and competitors.
  • We provide an independent and fresh perspective and examine issues out of the box. We bring the independence of a professional firm, well respected in the market with local and international knowledge.
  • Innovative approach at pace by combining creativity, analysis and experience to deliver real value at short time frames and tight deadlines that reflects our hands on approach and real life experience.
  • A local firm with extensive international contacts delivering world-class capabilities and international network.

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