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We are reachable by phone, fax, email and through the web. For any inquiries or requests we will make every attempt to respond within 48 hours.

Drawing on the extensive experience of our management consultants, Positive helps clients identify value creation opportunities and utilize them effectively.

Ours is an era of continuous and unpredictable change, intensifying competition and advances in knowledge and technology of an unprecedented scale. More than any time in the past this uncertain environment creates opportunities and risks that a business must identify and address in order to survive and grow.

During the various stages in the lifecycle of a business, its needs develop and change and require different skills and competencies.

Our consultants can help you align your performance and achieve the full potential of your business. Our philosophy is to be more than advisors. We aim to be your partners, not just delivering advice, but being there to support you make it happen. To stand with you on the front line.

Our consulting services are designed to support your business during each stage of its development:

  • Startup & Growth
  • Organization, Talent & Change
  • Management & Optimization
  • Finance & Analytics
  • Exit, Divestment & Succession

Whilst we have attempted to set out a comprehensive description of how we can help, much in consulting work is tailored to meet specific needs. Our consultants are happy to have the opportunity to hear from you, discuss your needs and determine how our teams can support you effectively.


Start-Up & Growth

Visionary businesses invest in profitable growth initiatives in any economic climate. Our broad range of start-up and growth services and capabilities can help you develop long-term, robust strategies that will transform your business into a successful, performing and competitive business.

How we can help:
  • Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Corporate Finance
  • SME Start-Up Toolkit

Organization, Talent & Change

Change is nothing new, but its pace and its magnitude today are straining management teams in business and government that strive to keep ahead of developments in the economic environment. Positive helps businesses and their most valuable resource, their people, adjust and manage change in order to secure their survival, create and sustain competitive advantage, succeed in their strategy and maintain a conducive working environment. Business and process transformation will help inspire and attract the right people. Innovative human resource management policies and market related rewards will keep talented people motivated and content. Businesses that fail to act in a timely manner risk losing their most valuable assets.

How we can help:
  • Organisational Effectiveness and Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Talent and Reward Management
  • Interim Management

Management & Optimization

The competitive pressures and the rapid change which businesses have to manage do not allow for a moment’s delay. To stay still is to lose competitive edge. Our broad range of Business Management and Optimisation services can help you fine tune your business to stay competitive and to maximise the value created, by looking at both internal operating arrangements, the effectiveness in the utilization of opportunities and the efficiency with which you handle threats or risks.

How we can help:
  • Sales & Customer Management
  • International Development
  • Business Process Management
  • Corporate Renewal (Turnaround)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Organization, Talent & Change
  • Finance & Analytics
  • Risk Management

Finance & Analytics

Finance and financial managers are strategic tools for the enterprise, ensuring compliance with legislation and regulatory responsibilities, managing financial risks, driving efficiencies and cost savings and assessing investment opportunities for growth. Positive offers an extensive range of services covering the new role of finance.

We can help if:
  • Compliance issues need to be addressed.
  • The control environment needs to be strengthened.
  • A restructuring or merger demands more efficiencies from finance.
  • A new investment opportunity needs to be appraised.

Exit, Divestment & Succession

Market conditions, management decisions or a change in direction may necessitate the exit from a business or its disposal or the transition to a new generation of management. Market conditions may end the ability of a business to continue profitably. Owners and managers need to take decisions and act so as to maximise the value realised. Positive has extensive experience in this area and can help you structure transactions successfully and manage the process in an effective manner.

How we can help:
  • Asset Disposal
  • Transition & Succession
  • Business Recovery
  • Insolvency

Why Positive

  • We support you on the ground, for implementation, when you need us the most, with a practical, pragmatic approach.
  • Our extensive capabilities help turn strategic vision into operational reality by combining a mix of strategic, financial, marketing and technical professionals.
  • Our deep industry experience assists you in bringing sector knowledge and informed opinions about the markets and competitors.
  • We provide an independent and fresh perspective and examine issues out of the box. We bring the independence of a professional firm, well respected in the market with local and international knowledge.
  • Innovative approach at pace by combining creativity, analysis and experience to deliver real value at short time frames and tight deadlines that reflects our hands on approach and real life experience.
  • A local firm with extensive international contacts delivering world-class capabilities and international network.

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