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How can we help you?

We are reachable by phone, fax, email and through the web. For any inquiries or requests we will make every attempt to respond within 48 hours.

Positive supports businesses and enables them to focus on their core activities through outsourcing management. Our experience and capabilities make us a supplier of choice in financial business process outsourcing (BPO). Drawing on the extensive experience in management consulting, Positive adds value to outsourcing engagements.

During the various stages in the lifecycle of a business, the needs of a business develop and change and require different skills and competencies.

Our management consultants can help you align your performance and achieve the full potential of your business. Our philosophy is to be more than advisors. We aim to be your partners, not just delivering advice, but being there to support you make it happen. To stand with you on the front line.

Our outsourcing services are designed to support your business in some key operational elements:

  • Finance and Accounting BPO
  • Internal Audit BPO
  • Interim Management

Whilst we have attempted to set out a comprehensive description of how we can help, much in operations and outsourcing work is custom designed to meet specific needs. Our staff are happy to have the opportunity to hear from you, discuss your needs and determine how our teams can support you effectively.


Finance & Accounting BPO

Accounting Services

We offer support to both SMEs and large organizations by providing accounting services either because the business does not possess internal expertise, has temporary needs or wishes to outsource a non-mission critical process. Our service offering includes:

  • Registration with Tax Authorities, VAT and Social Security.
  • Set-up of accounting systems in our in-house software.
  • Book-keeping of transactions..
  • Production of periodic reports and management accounts.
  • Preparation of VAT returns and other information required for tax compliance.
  • Preparation of information for year-end audit.
  • Ad-hoc reporting and analysis.
Payroll Services

We provide payroll services to Cypriot employers, with Cyprus-based or overseas-based personnel. Our service offering includes:

  • Registration with Tax and Social Security Authorities.
  • Setup of payroll systems in our in-house software.
  • Undertake monthly preparation of payroll payments (or as client policy requires) and undertake the payment of personnel anywhere in the world.
  • Produce periodic reports and management accounts.
  • Preparation of tax returns and other information required for tax compliance.
  • Ad-hoc reporting and analysis.
  • Payment of Social Security contributions and tax deductions where applicable.
Financial Management

We undertake to act as CFOs of SMEs and support them in a multitude of needs including financing initiatives, costing, pricing, reporting and compliance. Our service offering includes:

  • Preparation and presentation of management accounts.
  • Support to management for pricing decisions.
  • Development and maintenance of costing systems.
  • Cash flow management on an ad-hoc or continuous basis.

Internal Audit BPO

Internal audit provides an independent and objective assurance and advice service to the board of directors and senior management to assist them in their responsibilities to comply with legislation and principles of good governance. The assurance role of internal audit is to deliver assessments of the adequacy and effectiveness of the processes by which risks are:

  • Identified and prioritised;
  • Managed, controlled and mitigated; and
  • Reported such that the residual risks are recognised by, and are clearly acceptable to, the board.
We can help if:
  • You are subject to stringent regulatory requirements.
  • The system of internal controls requires strengthening.
  • There are frequent errors or deviations in reported performance from forecasts or initial estimates.
  • Your internal methodology does not adequately identify, assess and report business and financial risks.
  • You need an independent assessment of internal control and risk assessment.
  • The cost of running an in-house internal audit department is not commensurate to the benefit obtained.
  • Your organization is not sufficiently extensive to justify an in-house internal audit department.
How we can help:
  • Review and Recommendations for Improvement On:
    • Internal control systems.
    • Economical and efficient use of resources.
  • One-Off Expression of Opinion On:
    • Degree of compliance with applicable legislation or regulation.
    • Adequacy of financial records.
  • Periodic Measurements of Compliance:
    • Policies and procedures.
    • Government laws and other regulations.
    • Sponsored grant and contract requirements.
    • Restrictions on use of funds.
  • Special Projects:
    • Risk and controls assessment.
    • Management advisory services.
    • Conflicts of interest reviews.
    • Financial irregularity reviews.
  • Professional Development:
    • Internal control techniques including the development of internal audit methodology.
    • Risk and controls self-assessment.

Interim Management

An interim manager is a top level independent executive or project manager, expert in their field, a high performer with a track record of quantifiable achievement, possessor of drive and energy, perceptive, capable of adapting to new environments and delivering results, available immediately and working as if they are employed by the organization. Interim managers are brought into organizations to strengthen capabilities particularly when management time is strained due to other commitments. They lead transformation and change, get projects in place quickly and effectively and are able to effect change and roll out processes, thus delivering results.

We can help if:
  • You need specialist skills for the initial set-up of a business or project, before recruiting an operations or general manager.
  • A project you are running has hit problems and you need a specialist to resolve them.
  • You have a gap on a strategic role.
  • A business unit manager has left and you are looking to reorganise it before embarking on replacement.
How we can help:
  • Identification of IM: We can assist you define the scope of responsibilities of an Interim Manager and identify an appropriate Interim Manager from outside. We can also assist you in the contract negotiation.
  • Sourcing of IM: Positive can provide an appropriate interim manager from our pool of associates to undertake certain interim management roles or seek an experienced manager from outside. We shall be happy to discuss your requirements to determine if we can provide this support.

Why Positive

  • We support you on the ground, for implementation, when you need us the most, with a practical, pragmatic approach.
  • Our extensive capabilities help turn strategic vision into operational reality by combining a mix of strategic, financial, marketing and technical professionals.
  • Our deep industry experience assists you in bringing sector knowledge and informed opinions about the markets and competitors.
  • We provide an independent and fresh perspective and examine issues out of the box. We bring the independence of a professional firm, well respected in the market with local and international knowledge.
  • Innovative approach at pace by combining creativity, analysis and experience to deliver real value at short time frames and tight deadlines that reflects our hands on approach and real life experience.
  • A local firm with extensive international contacts delivering world-class capabilities and international network.

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