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We are reachable by phone, fax, email and through the web. For any inquiries or requests we will make every attempt to respond within 48 hours.

We live in a period that attitudes to tax are changing and businesses are subject to changing tax regulation and compliance requirements. Authorities are also changing their approach to tax responsibility and this requires a good understanding of tax governance and expert knowledge of legislative requirements.

Positive tax consultants have the knowledge, experience and network to assist you in planning your tax affairs effectively and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. We can assist you with formulating custom-made tax-effective solutions after assessing the individual needs (if the client is not a business) or specific transactions and business practices.

Our tax services are designed to support your business in most situations:

  • Tax Compliance
  • Specialist Tax Services

Whilst we have attempted to set out a comprehensive description of how we can help, much in taxation and finance work is custom designed to meet specific needs. Our staff are happy to have the opportunity to hear from you, discuss your needs and determine how our teams can support you effectively.


Tax Compliance

The changing business environment and the developments in tax legislation and tax attitudes by government increases the importance of tax compliance. It also demands that businesses proactively plan for the tax impact of proposed transactions and business deals and ensure the timely resolution of any issues arising. Our experienced and high-calibre staff can assist you with a wide range of services for tax planning and compliance.

How we can help:
  • Corporate Tax Compliance
  • Capital Gains Tax Compliance: Property and Other Transactions
  • Indirect Tax Compliance
  • Personal Tax Compliance
  • Communication and Liaison with Tax Authorities
  • Payroll and Social Insurance Compliance
  • Review of Internal Tax Compliance Process
  • International Tax: Through our network of associates.

Specialist Tax Services

Specialist tax services come into play at special circumstances and require sufficient understanding of the situation and the application of expert skill and industry experience. Our tax consultants are experts in analysis and possess years of experience in similar situations and can assist you achieve optimal results.

How we can help:
  • Tax Dispute Resolution: Tax audits are increasing in number and frequency. Companies facing these audits may require assistance in the resolution of disputes arising with Tax Authorities. We can assist you prevent, manage effectively, and resolve tax audits and other disputes.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Mergers and Acquisitions may have significant tax impact and the examination and planning how to manage the tax consequences are important components of the preparation for such transactions. We can assist you at all stages of this process by carrying out pre-acquisition due diligence to identify potential tax issues, structure transactions to optimise tax implications and cash flow, prepare businesses for sale and ensure that post acquisition structures are tax efficient.
  • Tax Function Organization and Performance: Tax functions have a specific mission in large businesses- to ensure compliance and provide support to financial decisions in respect of tax implications. Changing government attitudes and international developments place demands on these functions. We can assist you in the organization, staffing, creation of adequate processes and controls of the functions and other parameters that are needed to deliver value and protect the business.
  • Transfer Pricing: Transfer pricing between related entities is a new area of attention by the tax authorities. We can assist you through reviews to ensure that adequate documentation is in place and through appropriate agreements to confirm with authorities the transfer pricing structure, thus improving the degree of certainty in this area.

Why Positive

  • We support you on the ground, for implementation, when you need us the most, with a practical, pragmatic approach.
  • Our extensive capabilities help turn strategic vision into operational reality by combining a mix of strategic, financial, marketing and technical professionals.
  • Our deep industry experience assists you in bringing sector knowledge and informed opinions about the markets and competitors.
  • We provide an independent and fresh perspective and examine issues out of the box. We bring the independence of a professional firm, well respected in the market with local and international knowledge.
  • Innovative approach at pace by combining creativity, analysis and experience to deliver real value at short time frames and tight deadlines that reflects our hands on approach and real life experience.
  • A local firm with extensive international contacts delivering world-class capabilities and international network.

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